Bowie Dick Helix Test (BDHT)

Helix was developed especially to test whether inside instruments and tubes with narrow internal lumen steam sterilization was effective. In 2009 after years of debate and discussions Helix Device was written into the EN 285 standard under Amendment A2. The EN 285 + Amendment A2: 2009 are specifying the Helix Test (Hollow A) to be used as Bowie Dick Test when hospitals are sterilizing Hollow Loads. Next to that Bowie Dick Helix Test is an obligatory test for class B Bench Top Steam sterilizers as per EN 13060 + A2: 2010.

Indicator reaches the end-color 134°C – 3,5min / 121°C – 15min.

Failures which are picked-up by the BDHT are:
• Sterilization temperature too low
• Sterilization holding time too short
• Insufficient vacuum in depth and in number of vacuum pulses
• Insufficient air removal from hollow devices
• Insufficient steam penetration in hollow devices
• Leakage of piping/valves/door seals
• Detection of presence of small volume inert gases in steam supply
• Detection of excessive amounts of condensate

The BDHT consists out of the following items:
1 piece of Helix device (Teflon with 1,5 mtr long tube) for 500 cycles, 100 (or 250) pieces of Chemical indicator strips with adhesive on the back, 1 piece of Cotton bag, 1 piece of Direction For Use (DFU) with color change images

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