Vitasept®Wipes med

Wet disinfectant wipes with alcohol

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Vitasept®Wipes med is an effective broad-spectrum disinfectant for alcohol-resistant medical devices (procedure tables, trays, dental handpieces etc.). Soft wipes are permeated with disinfectant and do not leave residues on surfaces after use.

Also conforms to requirements in food industry, beauty services etc. For professional use.


  • fast exposure time
  • alcohol-based
  • doesn’t contain aldehydes, quaternary ammonium compounds and chlorine ions
  • doesn’t leave residues
  • particularly suitable for hard-to-reach places
  • soft fabric-like material and doesn’t leave lint on surfaces
  • doesn’t need to be washed off


30 seconds (noro and poliovirus 60 sec)

60 seconds (EN 16615)



Product has bactericidal, tuberculocidal, yeasticidal, virucidal efficacy against enveloped viruses (incl. HBV, HIV, HCV, coronavirus, influenza virus) and virucidal efficacy against non-enveloped viruses (incl. rota-, noro-, adeno- and poliovirus).



isopropanol, ethanol

Product bears the CE marking according to Medical Device directive 93/42/EEC


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150pcs in a can, 450pcs in a bucket

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